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Create the most refreshing and powerful dashboards for your web apps. Built with Bootstrap 5, Sass and ES6. No jQuery in core. Now with a brand new dark mode.

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Complete Package

HTML, PHP & Laravel

Dashmix comes packed with 2 full versions, a Laravel Starter Kit and a detailed documentation. It includes everything you need to start building the User Interface of your web application.

HTML Version

An abstract HTML version which can be used with any server side language/framework you prefer or currently working with.

PHP Version

An abstract PHP version which can come really handy as a starting point if you would like to build a custom PHP application.

Laravel Starter Kit

Rocket start your custom Laravel project with the included starter kit! It includes vital page examples and main assets ready to work with Laravel Mix out of the box.

Get Started Pages + RTL Support

You will also find 6 boilerplate pages (backend, boxed backend and landing - plus their RTL versions) to get you started.

Data Presentation

Widgets Collection

Power your dashboards with carefully crafted widgets. Choose from a huge collection and various categories, including but not limited to Tiles, Statistics, Media, Users and Blog.

Tile Widgets

Super clean and effective tile design which can help you present statistics, create your custom menus or showcase vital information to your users.

User Widgets

A vast collection of user related widgets can be used to create all kind of cards with information, perfect for user centric dashboards and web applications.

Learn to Code

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Blog Widgets

Lots of story and author based widgets for your blog of your web app. List and present your stories with style and in various ways.

Rich Widget Collection

Clean design and thoughtful decisions helped us craft an awesome widget collection.

Crafted with by pixelcave

Over-profit by choosing Dashmix. It is crafted with passion to enable you build the best dashboards.

Flexible & Reusable

Sophisticated Layout

Handcrafted layout coded to be fast, resposive and powerful. Build any kind of dashboard you need with a layout created to work fluently and without limitations.

Default Layout

Left Sidebar, right Side Overlay and a fixed Header.

Flipped Layout

Right Sidebar, Left Side Overlay and a fixed Header.

Hidden Sidebar

You can hide the main sidebar by default.

Left Side Content

You can have an inner left side content.

Right Side Content

You can have an inner right side content.

Native Scrolling

Custom Sidebar and Side Overlay scrolling functionality is disabled.

Dark Sidebar

You can have a dark themed Sidebar.

Static Header

You can have a static Header as well.

Visible Side Overlay

You can make the Side Overlay visible by default.

Main Content Full Width

Content always takes up all the available width of the main container.

Main Content Narrow

Content uses a percentage width, so it is smaller than the available on larger screens.

Main Content Boxed

Content has a max-width set, so it is boxed on larger screens.

Powerful Layout

This is just a glimpse of all the available layout options! Be sure to check them all out!

Developer Friendly

Smart Toolkit

Automation tools which handle everything and let you focus on the development. Feel free to use the included ones or your own, whatever works the best for you.

Web Server with Browsersync

Just a console command away from having a ready to use web server and serve your Dashmix project. It auto reloads on file changes and synchronizes your browsers for easy testing on multiple devices as you work.

Sass to CSS with Autoprefixer

Fully automated Sass to CSS compilation (on demand or on the fly) for a fluid and efficient workflow. Autoprefixer adds any required browser prefixes, so you can focus on your creativity.

ES6 to ES5 with webpack and Babel

Write ES6 JS code with a modular approach and let webpack with Babel do its magic. It will bundle and compile everything to ES5 which most current browsers support and run.


Production Ready

A build task is included which will produce a clean and ready for production project by including only minimized vital files.

Crafted with love

Handcrafted Design

Delivering a product that is useful, helpful and easy to use is our priority. Always built with care and attention to detail to enable you work more efficiently and effortlessly.


We are passionate with the work we do and love crafting products that can make your life easier and help you succeed. We pay attention to small details and always aiming for the best.



We are committed to our work and stand by our projects. Our aim is to improve them in every update and offer the most full-featured packages with the smallest possible footprint



Full Featured

Tons of features included in Dashmix with the minimum performance cost. You can easily use only the ones you need without overloading your web apps with stuff you don’t need. Light and speedy UI is what you get.

Bootstrap 5

Dashmix is based on world's most popular front-end component library. Amazing new features and utilities are ready for you to use.


Dashmix was built with Sass, overriding and extending Bootstrap in an intelligent way to ensure a perfect and modular workflow.


Dashmix was built with ES6, the new major JavaScript release which enables us writing cleaner and better code. No jQuery in core.

Node.js & npm

All development and production related dependencies can be installed through npm and used in any way you like.


Module bundler already setup to work with Dashmix. Use it as much or as little as you want, it’s completely up to you.


Fully automated tasks to let you build your project faster. Web server with browser-sync, ES6 to ES5 and Sass to CSS compilation on the fly as you work.

Modular Design

Everything was built with modularity in mind. You can choose to include and use only what you need specifically for your project.


You can easily extend or override both JS custom code as well as Sass styles without touching the original files, ensuring that updating will be easy.


Tons of ready designed widgets and tiles are included to help you build all kind of dashboard pages.

Utility Based Design

Top class utility based design ensures reusability of existing styles to create new and unique pages.


Using the latest technologies, following the best practices. W3C valid code.

Fully Responsive

User Interface auto adjusts and looks great to any screen size.

Cross Browser Support

It plays nice with all modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Fast & Lightweight

It was handcrafted to be as fast and lightweight as possible.

Laravel Starter Kit

Perfect for getting started with your Laravel based project.

HTML Version

The generic and abstract version which can be used with any framework or language.

PHP Version

A PHP version is included to assist you with your custom PHP project.

RTL Support

Boilerplate RTL pages are also included in 'Get Started' section providing a great starting point.

Custom JS APIs

Powerful JavaScript APIs are included. Layout or blocks manipulation is just a JS call away.


Carefully picked and integrated to enhance and enrich your project with great functionality.

Creative Color Themes

9 carefully picked and integrated to enhance and enrich the UX of your users based on your project.

1600+ Font Based Icons

Tons of icons to choose from including the latest Font Awesome 5 icon pack.

Super-Fast UI

GPU powered sidebar animations and smart CSS styles will ensure a great experience.

Flexible Side Areas

Multiple available layouts and completely adjustable by using the powerful layout API.

Designed Pages

All kinds of pages, carefully designed, to get inspired and create your own.


A detailed documentation is included to help you get familiar with template’s structure and features.

Easy Updating

Updating a template can be hard but we made customizations and updating a simple process.

Clean Code

Well commented source code that is easy to read, manipulate and work with.

Free Updates

All updates are free for existing customers to download. Great new features and updates at no extra cost.


By purchasing a license, you are eligible to email support. We are here to assist you.

Dashmix was crafted with by pixelcave

Passionate web design and development with over 15,000 customers worldwide.

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